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A Short Tour

The Vancouver Museum of Military Medicine is fortunate in its collection of memorabilia, many of which are on display at our location in Vancouver. We encourage you to visit the museum to see all of the exhibits. This page contains examples of some of the exhibits you will see.

Military Nurse WWII  
Military Nurse WWII

  L.Col. John McRae
L.Col. John McRae Biography

In Flanders Fields Poem  

  St. Luke Patron Saint of Doctors
St. Luke, Physician, Patron Saint of Doctors. St. Luke’s Gospel is the gospel of the poor, social justice andd forgiveness. he is the one who tells the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man who ignored him and the story of the Prodigal Son welcomed back by his father. He was the loyal comrade who stayed with Paul when he was imprisoned in Rome about A.D. 61.

General Rommel and General Slim  

General Rommel — Commander of the Afrika Corps. in the North Africa Campaign (1941-3), and one of the most distinguished Generals of World War II. In the Afrika Corps., German soldiers were almost three times as likely to become ineffective for health reasons as their British opponents.

General Slim — the most successful British Commander of his generation. The reconquest of Burma and the defeat of the Japanese by the 14th Army under Slim has been described as a classic in the art of Generalship. In spite of the harsh fighting conditions in Burma, as a result of Slim’s actions, his army’s disease attrition rate dropped to 30 men per 1,000 per month in 1945.

  Dr. Russell Palmer

Dr. Russell Palmer served in the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps. during World War II. He met Dr. Wilhelm Kolff in Holland. Dr. Kolff is considered the father of dialysis. This young Dutch physician constructed the first artificial kidney in 1943. When Dr. Palmer returned to Vancouver, he directed the construction of a mechanical kidney of the Kolff type at the Shaughnessy Hospital in Vancouver.

Damsel in the rough  
Damsel in the rough. An American Nurse attached to a U.S. Field Hospital in October, 1944 washing her feet in the nearest handy receptacle, a helmet.

  Wounded Soldier Gets First Aid
Wounded soldier receiving First Aid.

Nurse June  
Nurse June, graduated from Royal Jubilee Hospital School of Nursing, Victoria, 1941. “The Army gave me an opportunity to use my nursing training in a new setting.” Nurse June served in Italy in 1944.

  LCol. D.M. Lowe and Mr. Bob Clark

LCol. D.M. Lowe, CD, Commanding Officer, 12 (Vancouver) Field Ambulance, pictured with Mr. Bob Clark.

The German Swastika flag was captured in the aftermath of a remarkable battle which took place in Sogel, Germany on April 10, 1945 when 12 (Canadian) Field Ambulance came under attack by German troops. The medics, who do not normally carry arms, used weapons from the wounded they were treating to defend their Dressing Station. They held off the Germans for two hours until relieved by Allied tanks. Several participants were recognized for their bravery. The C.O., LCol. A.D. MacPherson was awarded the Distinguished Service Order. Captain H.M. Jolley, the Unit Dental Officer, was awarded the M.B.E. (Member of the British Empire) and Private F. Thompson was awarded the M.M. (Military Medal). Mr. Bob Clark was present at the Sogel battle.

Group Captain Ross Tilley  
Group Captain Ross Tilley (The Immortal Wingco). Dr. Tilley was the son of a doctor in Bowmanville, Ontario. He graduated from the University of Toronto Medical School in 1929. He became a Plastic Surgeon. During World War II he went to East Grinstead in Sussex, England, to the Queen Victoria Hospital where the great Plastic Surgeon, Sir Archibald McIndoe, was Surgeon-in-Chief. In this hospital reconstructive plastic surgery was carried out on patients with severe burns. Some of them were disfigured and scarred beyond recognition. They were called the Guinea Pigs, a legendary band of World War II airmen whose burned faces, hands and bodies had been rebuilt.

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